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DAIM Calendars 2022

At DAIM Calendars, Australia’s premium calendar publishers, are pleased to present our extensive range of stunning advertising calendars for 2022.  Your calendar will ensure your brand is directly in front of your customers all year round.

Spirit of Australia - Wall Calendar 2022

Spirit of Australia showcases the natural beauty and diverse landscape of this vast county. Captivating images of beaches, mountain ranges, waterfalls, rivers, and coasts, reveal some of the finest scenery and landmarks Australia offers.

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Australian Splendour - Wall Calendar 2022

It is a scenic catalogue of epic Australian images. Representing all Australian states and territory via pictorial excellence. It is photographed with a panorama view, making it easy to appreciate the country's vastness.

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Traveller's World - Wall Calendar 2022

 Intrepid adventurers and armchair traveller's can indulge in escapism through the pages of our world calendar. Real winners in the workplace, travel calendars are full of eye-catching pictures of exotic locations, feeding dreams of holidays, travel, blue skies and new experiences.

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Shapes of Australia - Booklet Calendar 2022

Shapes of Australia offer your details printed on every page. An executive calendar with lots of handy space for your customers to jot down their appointments.

Call us to find out more about Mixing and Matching our 12 leaf memos to suit the different tastes of your customers while still enjoying volume discounts.

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My Country, Australia - Wall Calendar 2022

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Photogenius Booklet Calendar 2022

Photogenius Wall Calendars Portray remarkable photographers that have reached the pinnacle of their profession.  

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Desk Calendars 2022

Spirit of Australia - Desk Calendar 2022

Spirit of Australia Desk Calendar complements Spirit of Australia Wall calendar.

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Natures Vitality - Desk Calendar 2022

Natures Vitality Desk Calendar provides scientific answers to an amazing phenomenon with images to amaze you.

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Australian Splendour - Desk Calendar 2022

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Magic Colours - Desk Calendar 2022

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Traveller's World - Desk Calendar 2022

Impress your clients and be remembered all year round.

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Classic Cars - Desk Calendar 2022

Available also as A4 booklet format.

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Booklet Calendars 2022

Deep Blue - Desk Calendar 2022

Avaliable also as a booklet

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Endangered Spicies - Wall Calendar 2022

ince European settlement introduced predators, hundreds of species have become extinct in Australia. Today, nearly 1 in 3 of our unique mammals is at risk of extinction!

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Australian Landscape Booklet Calendar 2022

View attractive scenes from across Australia, transporting your customers to a landscape of unspoiled beauty, coastal seascapes, historic landmarks, towns, and grassy countryside. Australian Landscape calendars give a taste of many aspects of the land; all without leaving the workplace.

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I'm A Veggie - Wall Calendar 2022

Pack your dinner plate full of veg and enjoy one of these filling meat-free suppers. Its quick and easy.

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Single Image Calendar

The Single Image Calendar size is 324 x 540mm. It contains a 24-page pad which lists School Holidays, National and State Holidays, Religious Holidays for Christian, Chinese, Jewish, Greek Orthodox, and the Muslim denomination. Other information such as Moon movement, Pension pay day and Tides are also included.